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HomeRHINO CALF RESCUE is a South African conservation awareness initiative born out of the urgent need to save the increasing number of rhino calves left orphaned due to the horrific increase in the poaching of adult rhinos.

Rhino calf rescue Awareness & Information on rhino poaching in Africa:   Orphaned calves are bought from the national park from which their mothers were poached.   With the aid of qualified wildlife veterinarians and wildlife staff, the calves are hand-reared at various private reserves, including the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, untill they are able to feed by themselves.   Rehabilitated rhino calves will hopefully roam free in these reserves and once the carrying capacity for a reserve has been reached, excess rhinos will be sold and relocated to other reserves worldwide.

Endangered rhinoceros species - read more on these websites:   Save rhe rhino   IFAW
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