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The WEF go GREEN with MONNAS ....
Africa's MammalsWhat's nect - To kick-start our projects and fundraising, you can support the WEF by purchasing this amazing wildlife book: AFRICA"S MAMMALS - Discovering 101 species. Join us in making this effort a phenomenal success.
What's nect - Do yourself a favour and watch this video on Biodiversity and its importance to the survival of life on earth.
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“If we do not teach our children the value of their natural heritage,
how can we expect them to care enough to preserve it?”

- Nelson Mandela -


Welcome to our website
We trust that you will find the information on our website informative and that it will motivate you and/or your organisation to join us in our wildlife education efforts.
"Winning starts with Beginning" and what better time to start than right NOW - there are just so many tomorrows for each one of us, including our wildlife heritage.

KNOWLEDGE gives us the POWER to change ACTIONS - and human actions determine the survival and quality of all life on earth.
Together we can equip manKIND with knowledge, change destructive behaviour towards nature and give all living creatures a chance of survival, a better quality life, and a "greener" future - STARTING RIGHT NOW.
 Mission Statement
The WEF is a non-profit organisation (reg. no: 078-886 NPO) and our mission is to improve the standard of wildlife education, wildlife knowledge and conservation by promoting education, training, research and providing leadership towards optimal wildlife education, conservation and management.
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Why we do what we do.


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